Happy gardener

NO job is too small or too big for happy gardener Jacob Kia (pictured) from Olsobip.

The 42-year-old has been working for Camp Administration for three years after resigning from a security company he worked for previously.

Ever since then Jacob has been faithful to his job and his not planning on leaving yet.

Jacob lives at the Wangbin settlement on the outskirts of Tabubil and comes to work every day from Monday to Friday at 7am.

With a smile he works on flower gardens around the camp and in front of the mess and all the while whistling a tune familiar to himself.

He says with a smile, that he also cuts grass when is required to by his supervisor and he does not mind as long as he is kept busy doing work he enjoys.

“I love my job because I get to beautify the camp area and I’m humbled when workers come up and compliment me for the work I’m doing,” said Jacob.

It’s small contributions from people like Jacob that keeps the Ok Tedi Mining camps and Tabubil town clean and safe to live in.

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