Neglected school gets help

THE classroom pictured at the remote Laguni Community School in Kandep, Enga Province, was funded by former MP Jimson Sauk almost 20 years ago.

After that, the school has been operating without getting help in terms of additional classrooms, teacher’s houses and curriculum materials.

The little it receives as subsidy funds from the Enga provincial education office is sucked in by transport cost from Wabag to Longap in the lower Wake LLG. This also includes hiring of people to carry school materials from there to Laguni which is about another 30 kilometres.
The problem doesn’t end there: The teachers who are posted to this particular school, which is located on the border of Hela and Enga provinces do not last more than a term as they abscond duty mainly as a result of lack of proper road network.
Finally, the more than 800 people of this particular village and surrounding areas are relieved after years of neglect with the commitment of an initial K50,000 by Governor Sir Peter Ipatas to build a road to connect the area.
“I am committing K50,000.00 to start work on the new road. Further funding will be made available in consultation with leaders from Hela to connect the two provinces,” he said during a visit to the area early this week.

The school will also have an additional classrooms with an initial funding assistance of K20,000 by the Enga government.
On top of that, Sir Peter has committed to pay the seven teachers a boosting bonus of K1000 each to encourage them to complete the school year instead of leaving early.

The giving of bonus is an exercise that the EPG pursues annually as a government policy to attract professionals including medical specialists and airline companies to promote effective delivery of vital services to the small people.
Headmaster of the school Daniel James and village chief Kepa Langaipe, promised to make good use of the funds including the building of a new classroom.
“We are more than happy with our Action Governor because he has categorically touched our hearts with the commitment to build a road to connect our area, new classroom and giving our teachers incentives,” Danield said.

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