Tribes make peace over killing

Captions: Tribesmen embrace each other with tears to allow forgiveness prevail.


TWO tribes have made peace by exchanging money and pigs in compensation for the killing of a young man in a fight during a rugby touch match early this month.

The killing occurred on September 8, 2016, at Mun Primary School in Mul-Baiyer, Western Highlands Province.

The touch game turned nasty when some players and supporters did not agree with a try and fought each other using sticks which resulted in the death of Pais Pakri.

The murder suspects’ tribe, Enga Pin paid K17,000 in cash and 19 pigs as a first payment of the compensation (bel kol) to the decease’s Enga Mui tribe in Mun village to make peace on Thursday.

Enga Pin tribe councilor, Tom Rupulga when making the payment said the game was only played between 14 men, seven on each side, and the whole tribe was not involved.

However, he said, the leaders understand that this will not destroy the community, services, businesses, church and people so his tribe decided to pay compensation to bring peace.

Mr Rupulga in the presence of police and church pastors said if such problems occur, they can show the province and the country that they will make peace through forgiveness and seal the trouble through compensation payment.

He said the youths do not have right attitudes to playing sports and no proper security in place like in national games so in the future such sporting competitions will not be allowed in their community.

Councilor of the decease, Wama Kuri, while accepting the compensation payment, said lasting peace must remain in Kumdi area and the compensation stops further trouble from occurring.

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