Drekore’s world of children

SIMBU Children Foundation (SCF) is a humanitarian NGO formed to help sick and disadvantage children in Simbu. It started in 2004 after Jimmy Drekore shared the plight of the sick children at Kundiawa General Hospital with his work colleagues at Lihir Island.

The constitution was drafted in Brisbane and the first executives were put in place. The President and Treasurer were in Lihir, Vice President in Ok Tedi and Executive Secretary in Port Moresby.

SCF teams were formed led by Team Coordinators: Team Lihir, Team Ok Tedi, Team Porgera, Team Tolukuma, Team Port Moresby and Team Melbourne (First SCF Offshore Team). In the ensuing years other teams came onboard. The SCF Strategy Document was drafted in Porgera and completed in Ok Tedi.

SCF was officially launched by the then Governor General Sir Paulias Matane, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in 2009 facilitated by Team Port Moresby.

The first SCF Christmas Fundraising Ball was hosted in 2009 with the guest speaker coming from Team Western Australia. That same year SCF initiated the Brave Hearts program with David James and three others.

Team Ok Tedi was in the forefront of fundraising and contributed more than K20,000 to SCF. Team Western Australia sponsored SCF President to Perth and later shipped a 20-foot container of donated items to the sick and disadvantage children in Simbu.

A good portion of the donated items (clothes and books) from Team Western Australia was delivered to Irugl, Mother of Life Center (MOLC). SCF first learnt about Irugl, MOLC, in 2008 and since then the support given grew from strength to strength with the donation of Digicel PNG Foundation double classroom launching this year.

SCF survived through the support of all the good hearted Simbus, friends and supporters of SCF. There are two particular sponsors who each year constantly sponsors SCF, with great pleasure we acknowledge Kennedy Wemin and Melanesian Trustee Services Limited and Hon. Wera Mori MP, Member for Chuave and Vice Minister for Mining.

SCF initiated several projects and one that will have a drastic impact in saving sick children across PNG is the Osteomyelitis Research Program. The new antibiotic protocol adapted strictly according to organism culture growth and sensitivity tests from PNGIMR (As a result of this research) will bring Osteomyelitis approach in PNG to a whole new level.

Resigned in May 2013 from formal employment, Jimmy quietly returned home to Simbu to serve SCF as a full time volunteer. From Switzerland a nomination came to Digicel PNG Foundation as a nominee for their Men of Honour Award. He won the Leadership Award category and went on to win the overall award becoming the inaugural winner of the Digicel PNG Foundation 2014 Men of Honour. Digicel PNG Foundation went further in making him one of the judges for the 2015 Men of Honour Awards.

In April 2016 a global search was on and the call for nominations for the 2016 “Nobel Prize for Child Advocates” World of Children Award came out. Jimmy was invited hence nomination sent.

The vetting was so rigorous it never occurred that we would have passed through to the 4th stage.An independent investigator in the country,Mr Richard Coz, Director & Investigator with New Zealand Compliance Security Investigationwas engaged to do an independent audit on us.

They came to Kundiawa and did a thorough investigation and reported back to the World of Children in New York.

After compiling all reports the board of governors of World of Children made a decision:

On 15th September 2016, San Francisco, Ca. WORLD OF CHILDREN ANNOUNCES 2016 HONOREES.

Papua New Guinea Man Honoured for his Work with Children in Simbu.

 “Papua New Guinean Jimmy Drekore of Simbu Province was named as the 2016 World of Children Award Health Honoree.”

 It gives us, the Drekore family, great pleasure to announce this noble award dedicated to Simbu and all who have supported SCF, a 41st birthday gift to Papua New Guinea.

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