Aroma Coast women’s group off to Cairns

Caption: Aroma Coast Women’s Fellowship group at Jacksons International Airport before leaving for Cairns.

A WOMEN’S fellowship group from the United Church Kele Kapana village, Aroma Coast in Central Province, left for Cairns, Australia, this week on overseas outreach trip.

The purpose of the group’s week-long trip is to meet fellow Christians in Cairns where they will exchange gifts and also share the Word of God.

The group of 20 woman are mostly village mothers. Majority of them have never travelled overseas in their lifetime. The women were all in blue and orange coloured blouses with PNG flag on it at Jacksons International Airport on last Thursday where their relatives farewell them.

The group’s dedication and commitment in their fund raising activities both in the village and Port Moresby for two years finally paid off. They raised K39,000 that catered for their airfares, passports, visas, accommodation and others costs.

They will be in Cairns for a week.

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