PNG to build wharf for livestock import


Papua New Guinea would benefit significantly from the construction of a new seaport dedicated specifically to import livestock in order to increase the production and consumption of beef meat in the country.

The acting managing director of National Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Authority (NAQIA), Joel Alu told a media conference on Tue that NAQIA has plans underway to build a first-ever animal quarantine wharf in the Pacific region where live animals imported from overseas will be quarantined and checked before allowing them to enter the country.

Mr Alu said once the wharf is built, PNG will start importing live cattle from Australia to breed the animals at cattle farms around the country so that the production of beef meat and beef products will increase in proportion to other meat products in the industry.

“We will build a quarantine wharf where it will be declared as the port of entry for all livestock and other animals entering the country.

“The Government has directed the NAQIA team to revive the livestock industry in this country and when we build this wharf, we are going to bring in livestock from Queensland and New South Wales.

“We already have some arrangements with some farms in Queensland and about two or three times we have visited these farms and they are prepared to bring cattle into our country.

“We can manage and distribute them to farmers as breeder and slaughter cattle so that we can be able to increase our production as well as the consumption market for consumption and reduce the price for beef market that we have in this country.

“So those are some of the immediate plans we have and although we cannot achieve all our other plans in regard to quarantine of animal pests and diseases in the country, this year we can achieve the construction of the livestock quarantine wharf,” Mr Alu said.

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