Alu remains NAQIA boss

Caption: Acting Managing Director for NAQIA, Joel Alu stressing a point during the press conference this week at the NAQIA head office at 6 Mile.


A court has maintained that Joel Alu remains as the acting Managing Director for National Agriculture and Quarantine Inspection Authority (NAQIA) until further determination of Court on the substantive matters.

The national court presided by Justice Derek Hartshorn on Jan 14 also issued a permanent restraining order directing Secretary for Department of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL) Daniel Kombuk not to interfere with the affairs of NAQIA.

The application filed on Jan 2 by Kombuk and the purported caretaker managing director of NAQIA, Warea Orapa, who had sought to stay earlier orders of court that was installed by Mr Alu was dismissed by Justice Hartshorn, who instead upheld earlier orders made on Dec 24.

Mr Alu during a press conference on Tuesday said Kombuk has defied letters written to him by the Prime Minister on Dec 19 last year instructing him not to interfere with the affairs of NAQIA.

“The Prime Minister has written to him on Dec 19, 2019 telling him to stop interference with NAQIA. The chief secretary has done the same thing, DPM Secretary has done the same thing but despite all that Mr Daniel Kombuk has continued to interfere with NAQIA so I had no choice but to go to the court house,” Alu said.

“Mr Kombuk since September 2019 has been interfering with the operations of NAQIA when he is not the chairman. He has never been appointed as the chairman of NAQIA but he has been given directives to me to manage the affairs of NAQIA when he has very serious issues at DAL when he was supposed to be managing DAL. That is the reason why I have refused to listen to him because he is not my chairman. He has never been appointed the chairman by the government, he has never been appointed the chairman by the minister and he has illegally assumed the roles and responsibilities of the chairman.”

Mr Alu said he was satisfied that the court has made a ruling and the main task now was to restore the confidence of the people, government and stakeholders.

He said NAQIA has strategic and important role to play as the country’s biosecurity watchdog for pests and diseases and such infighting in top echelon of NAQIA will only harm its work and put the country at great risks.

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