Case filed against Kramer


Acting Police Commissioner David Manning has confirmed he received a formal complaint from Chief Justice against Police Minister Bryan Kramer on offences relating to a Facebook post.

Mr Manning said an officer will be identified and tasked with carrying out the initial enquiries into the offence(s) alleged to have been committed by Mr Kramer.

Mr Manning also issued a directive to all members of the Royal PNG Constabulary that when complaints involving national leaders are filed, they should all be forwarded immediately to the office of the police commissioner.

“There will be no deviation from this directive,” he said.

MR Manning told media conference in Konedobu headquarter that the allegations that police relied on a warrant of arrest forged by Minister of Police is false and highly derogatory.

“Under my tenure as acting Commissioner of Police, investigations have been conducted professionally and diligently without fear or favour.

“Any formal complained filed with police will be considered based on sufficient evidence and not false and misleading statements issued in a press statement,” Mr Manning said.

He said Chief Justice had sent a formal complaint, addressed to the acting Commissioner, requesting that police investigate and lay appropriate charges under section 11 of the Summary Offence Act and also under the possibility of Cyber Crime Act.

He said matter has been referred to the office of the Assistant Commissioner Crimes to carryout initial enquiries into the alleged offences committed by the member.

Mr Manning said any complaint filed will follow a normal investigation processes and it will be done without fear or favour, adding that any complaint filed will be considered based on sufficient evidence.

Mr Manning has also confirmed receipt of an earlier complaint by former Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill and a recent one by his lawyer who was arrested.

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