Kramer happy to face police probe team

Police Minister Bryan Kramer says he is happy to make himself available to the police officers tasked to investigate the Chief Justice’s complaint or any complaint for that matter.

Mr Kramer said he looks forward to being called in for questioning and assisting police investigations by providing credible evidence to justify the statements published on Facebook including evidence that are yet to be made public.

He said on a Facebook post on Wednesday that he was contacted by members of the media to comment on a copy of a letter leaked on social media that is purportedly authored by the Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika. The letter was addressed to Acting Commissioner for Police, David Manning, lodging a formal complaint against him on allegations of spreading a false or misleading report.

He said the contents of the letter state the complaint is in relation to an article posted on Facebook referring to the Chief Justice role in referring a matter to the National Court Judge, Justice Miviri, who had carriage of former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s judicial review proceedings.

“His article on the Facebook page is inciting trouble or tending to cause trouble or ill-feeling among people. I request the police to investigate the matter and to lay appropriate charges under Section 11 of the Summary Offences Act and look at the possibility of laying charges under the Cyber Crime Act as well,” the letter stated.

Mr Kramer said section 11 of Summary Offences relates to a false or misleading report. It states a person who spreads false or willfully misleading reports tending to cause trouble or ill feeling among people or groups of people, including between individuals is guilty of an offence. While the Cyber Crime Act provides for offences that relate to false publications.

“To establish authenticity of the letter, I raised the issue with Acting Commissioner to confirm if his office had received it. He advised me the copy of the letter leaked on social media is in fact authentic.

“Following the issue of warrant of arrest by District Court dated Oct 11, 2019 against the former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on allegations of official corruption, his efforts to avoid arrest and subsequent stay order issued by the National Court, there has been numerous allegation and counter allegation of forgery, misconduct and even abuse of office between all parties involved.

“The more recent development being the arrest of O’Neill’s lawyer and a court official on charges of forgery, uttering and attempting to pervert the court of justice. For the record I won’t be avoiding arrest by hiding under the bed of a hotel room, hiding out in Parliament, or fleeing the country,” Mr Kramer said.

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