PNGSF runs youth sport clinic in Kokopo


The Papua New Guinea Sport Foundation Sport Operations & Development division was in Kokopo last month to run a skills development program

The Youth Sport Program was featured in both Rabaul and Kokopo townships from Sept 23-26, 2019.

A total of 12 local instructors and four National Program Coordinators from PNGSF headquarters were engaged to take leading roles in teaching the school children basic skills in four sports which are common in the New Guinea Island region.

They are soccer, hockey, volleyball and touch.

The four days of skill development targeted three schools namely; Saint Martin – Rabaul District, Vuvu Secondary High School- Kokopo District and Kalamanagunan Primary School- Kokopo District.

The teachers were on hand to support the students and coaches in each sporting code. The student ages were from 15 to 20 years’ old who are currently doing grade 7-10.

National Youth Sport Coordinator John D’siguria said 350 students were involved over the three days.

“We are not restricted to school students only but to consider some youths out of school living in the vicinity of the schools.

“Pleasing to see lots of youths coming forward to learn the basic skills in soccer, volleyball, touch football and hockey games.

“Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and certainly had fun.

“I am excited to extend this course to other parts of the country once funds are available.

“Big vote of thank you to ENB administration, school boards of management and parents for their support and Nestle PNG for sponsoring milo drinks over the three days,” D’siguria said.

Other PNGSF support staff were on hand to provide mentoring roles to the local coaches and engage into partnership pathways to sustain such programs.

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