Goroka Hospital facilities will be fully usd: Kapavore


Health Minister Elias Kapavore says the new K200 million facilities for the Goroka hospital will not be left idle but fully used to serve the Highlands region.

The new hospital wing now has facilities that can detect diseases, including cancer machines that will ease the burden for women in the region.

When responding to questions from Unggai-Bena MP Benny Allan, on the status of the facilities, Mr Kapavore described the facilities as ‘second to none’ and one of the best in the country that will be better used.

Mr Kapavore also calls for support from the concerned authorities in promoting the Goroka hospital in its operations.

While announcing the upgrading of the hospital to Level 6, he said the state-of-the-art facilities have enabled the hospital to achieve its referral status, which now becomes the major hospital in the region.

“There is a process in making an announcement on such or in which I should declare this particular hospital a level 6 or regional hospital including which hospitals are level 5 and which ones are regional, the department is now working on a formal documentation for one to use to declare,” Mr Kapavore said.

“But I want to say that Goroka meets the requirement of being a level six hospital for the Highlands region because of the facilities it has.”

Mr Kapavore said the Department of Health has established a mobile team comprising of clinicians and health specialists who will travel to Goroka regularly to train staff and also perform surgeries when the need arises.

He said the new hospital wing has not been in operation despite being opened in early last year due to the recruitment of qualified staff, which is now in the process.

Mr Kapavore said an arrangement is in place for specialist and trainers to train staff so they become competent to maintain the reputation of the hospital.

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