Tomuriesa queries land acquisition


Kiriwina – Goodenough MP, Douglas Tomuriesa is calling on the Lands department to clarify the portions of land acquired by outsiders in the electorate.

Mr Tomuriesa told parliament this week that the Kiriwina-Goodenough District Development Authority (DDA) were not consulted nor advised about the acquisition of prime land, which was meant for development purposes.

Mr Tomuriesa also questioned the manner in which those portions of land was acquired after it was advertised by the Department of Lands.

“Which now brings to my question that the land that is now acquired by people who are outside of my district and outside from Milne Bay Province. My question is how did these individuals acquired this titles that requires comprehensive business economic development plans,” Mr Tomuriesa said.

“How did they acquire the titles without visiting the district, in order for you to come up with a comprehensive plan, the requirements are quite comprehensive and there is a prerequisite that you submit a comprehensive report before you acquire those titles.

“Thirdly, why wasn’t my district through the DDA advised by your department about these questionable arrangements which also sees my district losing out in further development of this land which we have lost prime land.”

He said the DDA has plans to develop the district and such acquisition of land by outsiders would deprive the district for further developments.

“I am astound as we have further plans for development in the districts headquarters and sub-districts, townships or district headquarters. Here we have people who are not from Milne Bay Province, not from my district acquiring land and restricting that we have already have development plans in these areas and now I am left either very little land or no land for further developments,” Mr Tomuriesa.

He also urged the Department of Lands to cancel the titles and return them to the district for development purposes.

He said Kiriwina- Goodenough is one of the ideal destinations for tourism and land must be made available to the district to use.

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