Dr Yvonne Sapuri to leave soon for UK study

Dr Yvonne Galiki Sapuri is the fourth female Chevening scholarship recipient from Papua New Guinea this year.

Dr Sapuri soon leaves for the UK to study for an MSc in Clinical Oncology at the University of Birmingham.

She currently works as a Senior Medical Officer, Oncology Unit with the West New Britain Provincial Health Authority. Dr. Sapuri graduated with a Bachelor Degree Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) from the University of Papua New Guinea and Masters Public Health- Global Health at the University of Queensland.

Dr Sapuri, has spent seven years in rural health/rural medicine prior to moving into the cancer field. During her years of work, she concludes that only 20 per cent of the population have access to basic health services, the majority 80 per cent of our rural population do not have the luxury of basic health services.

Young women at the age of 25 die of cervical cancer, a predominately preventable cancer in many countries.

She continues to see oral cancers at an all-time high secondary to the freely sold carcinogen betel nut. Despite all this mortality, and high incidence of cancers, the progress to change has been slow and she hopes through further education in oncology she will be able to make a difference in Health Services for PNG.

In the future, she wants to be part of the change that improves Oncology Services in PNG and aims to see such policy introduced into PNG’s health system: Sugar Tax, Tobacco Tax and move towards taxing “Betal nut ” a known carcinogen.

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