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Caption: APIASETS execute director Thomas Gamu Phillar (third from left) with delegates from the Institutes in Philippines were warmly received by traditional dancers and staff of Asia Pacific Institute of Applied Social Economic and Technical Studies (APIASETS) upon their arrival at the Jackson’s International Airport in Port Moresby. The delegates have been showcasing/exhibiting their institutions at the NCD/Central Schools Expo held at Port Moresby National High School in Port Moresby last week. (Picture Courtesy by APIASETS Media Unit 2019)


Schools career expo and exhibition in Papua New Guinea continues to play an important role in student career development and empowerment by educating students to make sound and productive preferences about their future careers at affordable and recognised institutions.

Students from various school in the nation’s capital who had participated in the recent NCD Schools Students Career Expo held at Port Moresby National High School in Port Moresby will be privileged to thrive and excel in their respective field of studies by exploring international exposures and career pathways.

Thanks to Asia Pacific Institute of Applied Social Economic and Technical Studies (APIASETS) for bringing in delegates from different institutions in Philippines to showcase their course programs well even cheaper than what some of our institutions charge here.

The weeklong NCD Schools Student Career Expo this year was no exception as it provides an avenue for grade 12 students in each of the secondary and national high schools in the nation’s capital to decide and make rightful choices about their future careers after completing their grade 12 education.

Among the exhibitors that showcased during the event was one of Papua New Guineas dynamic institution; the Asia Pacific Institute of Applied Social Economic and Technical Studies (APIASETS); a thriving and vibrant institution in the country which has continued to aspire and inspire many grade 12 students with its motto ‘no dreams and aspirations shall be shattered’.

Asia Pacific Institute of Applied Social Economic and Technical Studies (APIASETS) Executive Director Thomas Phillar said most of the courses being offered at the institute are applied and indeed industrial and job oriented programs specifically developed for capability and competency based training design to train students to acquire special skills and knowledge in their specific work environment so that after they graduated from the institute they will directly find employment to suit the higher and advance skills demand required by big mining, oil and other modern industries.

In addition, these programs were essentially developed to assist the growth of development in the country and at the same time give some sense of self pride and advancement for those students who have not been given the chance to prosper in their lives by the government education system.

This year approximately 32 thousand students from secondary and national high schools throughout Papua New Guinea will sit for the Higher School Certificate (HSC) national examinations and out of this student population, about eight thousand students will make it to system universities, colleges and other tertiary institutions; however, the majority of these students approximately 24 thousand of them will be left out.

Upon considering this, Mr Phillar endeavours to leave no one behind in all sectors of life whom he has been doing all he could do within his capacity as a citizen of this country to elevate and transform the lives and spirit of those students who have been pushed out of the normal education system henceforth, to train and educate these disengaged students to aspire and become productive in life.

Meanwhile, APIASETS has gone one step ahead while affiliated with various institutions in Australia and Philippines with its accredited programs. At the weeklong NCD Schools Expo last week in Port Moresby, APIASETS Executive Director Thomas Phillar brought delegates from Philippines various institutes which comprised of Captain Arnel Miguel CEO/President of APG International Aviation Academy, Hernane Balinas of Giga Mare Marine Institute and Alfonso Borda CEO/President of Lyceum of Subic Bay University College whom have showcased at the event.

This is a milestone achievement for this local institution, APIASETS who has been continuously at the forefront of creating pathways through its accredited and bridging programs for local Papua New Guinea students to continue their studies at the institute and overseas.

Speaking on behalf of the delegates during the event was Head of Student Affairs Roel Benavidez O’malanta from the Lyceum of Subic Bay University College who have highlighted that they were excited to approve 500 scholarships to Papua New Guinea students.

Mr Benvidez maintained that out the 500 student scholarships; 100 per cent scholarship will be awarded to one hundred students, 200 students will receive 75 per cent scholarship, 50 per cent scholarship will be awarded to another 100 students and 25 per cent scholarship will be awarded to another 100.

Expo organising committee chairperson Vui Neuendorf in her closing remarks thanked the exhibitors for showcasing at the event and acknowledged each exhibitor including APIASETS for bringing in international exhibitors from various institutions in Philippines to showcase their course programs and bridging pathways for Papua New Guinea students to thrive and excel in their future careers.

These course programs to be studied at the Philippines institutes range from certificate and degree programs in different field of studies like; health, education, business, accounting, aviation engineering, marine engineering, computing, ship captain, airline flying (pilot), architecture, electrical engineering, agriculture, fisheries and forestry, civil engineering, transport systems, multi-media and graphic design, media and communication studies among others.

APIASETS executive director Thomas Phillar said students’ empowerment through this career exposition is a fundamental pillar of human resource development as it will encourage students to make their own choices about their future careers in life. He stressed that everyone needs to work and must able to look after themselves as well as develop our economy and country.

The participating students have commended the exhibitors for imparting knowledge in order for them to make a sound and fruitful choice about their career pathways by choosing what courses they will take and which institutions they will apply for after completing their grade 12. Students were happy with non-considered for strands and GPA.

Some students said they were thrilled because this exhibition educates them to make wise choices and decisions about some of the institutions that they were not aware of about their future preferences here and overseas.

Others said they were interested about some its course programs that it is offering to students who had completed their grade 12 education.

Since its establishment in 2014, and to date APIASETS has produced and graduated many Papua New Guinean elites and apparently many of whom have now been working in the country and have contributed to nation building in health sciences, aviation, education, business, marine engineering, etc.

The five delegates from these institutions in Philippines who were present at the exposition was part of APIASETS partnership arrangement with these international institutions in Philippines through a special partnership arrangement the school has had with their institutions and were quite astonished and amazed with so many school leavers who were to be left out for college and university education.

Also the institution has made deals with Philippines International Aviation Company called APG International Aviation Academy and also a national airline company in Papua New Guinea called National Aviation Services for its aviation students to be trained to fly and fix airplanes in the country and overseas.

Most importantly, this year APIASETS has introduced a scholarship called ‘Why Bai Nogat’ scholarship program which will assist students from across Papua New Guinea to receive a very good education abroad as well as within the country in different fields of their choice.

This scholarship program is an integral pathway for Papua New Guinea students to continue their studies in technical, business, health science, education, marine engineering, aviation, flying, aviation engineering, law and justice, tourism and hospitality among others.

Following this event, some of the delegates together with APIASETS staff have travelled throughout Papua New Guinea to visit schools and corporate organizations as part of APIASETS awareness to fulfill Papua New Guineans needs for international skills and qualification training and as well exposure to different settings and societies.

The team have also highlighted some of its scholarship programs and career pathways as part of its awareness to showcase to students in East New Britain and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB).

APIASETS also staged a career expo at the Crown Hotel in Port Moresby on Saturday to showcase the institutions course programs to stakeholders, Philippines dignitaries, sponsors, business partners and other participants. Students and staff also bid farewell to the Philippines delegates who have travelled to Philippines this week.

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