Kaupa subsidises fees for students

North-East MP John Kaupa has allocated more than 20 percent of its District Service Improvement Program (DSIP) funding to students in the electorate with tuition fees.

In a statement released by the office of the MP, more than 500 students will benefit from the scheme totaling more than K1.25 million.

“Our Governor for NCD has successfully runs the TVET program for some years. When I was elected in 2017, I took on board this program. Now in partnership with NCDC through the office of the Governor, we are launching this very important program for our students in the Moresby North-East District,” Mr Kaupa said.

“This year, my administration is spending K1.25 million to support the TVET program. But not only that, we are supporting several government and private tertiary institution in the city and through-out the country, in sharing the parents responsibilities of the school fee to help our students complete their education.”

Mr Kaupa said more than 40 institutions will receive funding including 14 vocational institutions 26 private and public tertiary institutions.

He said education will remain a top priority in the DSIP component, and will provide support in terms of infrastructure, teachers in service training, school fees assistance, student’s materials as well as teacher’s accommodation to improve quality education for our students.

“Technical skills gained by the students through our technical institution will enhance their contribution to building our nation, and as your elected leader of the district we will expand on that to ensure appropriate funding is allocated to all technical institution in the district,” Mr Kaupa said.

“You have to gain a qualification, a skill as a requirement to having a better future. And our good Governor Powes Parkop has also supported and invested a lot in the technical education in our city and as a new member of the electorate my support will also be given as we work in partnership to develop our city in terms of human development.”

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