Parliament session to nominate PM set to commence

By Lionel Mungae

The Parliament sitting today at 10am will nominate the 8th Prime Minister of the independent state of Papua New Guinea.
The parliament business for today will likely see speaker Job Pomat calls for nominations from the political parties who may have numbers with their coalitions to form the government.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neil tendered his resignation yesterday at 9:45am and the formal resignation was announced by the speaker during yesterday’s sitting.

Today’s nomination of the Prime Minister will see political parties nominate their preference nominees, where the parties are currently in their respective camps.

The political parties that have the numbers to nominate their suitable candidates are National Alliance – who are in camp at the Laguna Hotel, People’s National Congress (PNC) and the Pangu Party and Melanesian Alliance (MA) at the Crown Plaza and Grand Papua respectively.

It is unclear which voting system would be used to nominate the Prime Minister, but many observers have requested through various social media platforms that the secret ballot voting is appropriate as it would be transparent and the incumbent Prime Minister will be popular and the most preferred among the 111 Members of Parliament.

Once the Prime Minister is nominated, the Governor General will invite him to the Government House for the swearing-in and an interim cabinet will announced.

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