Enga school installs mess facilities


St Paul’s Secondary School in Enga was privileged to witness its mess facilities installed with new equipment since the school was established by the Lutheran Church in the 1960s.

The renowned school is among the first established educational institutions in the province and in 2006 the school was elevated from high school to a secondary by the Education Department.

Luke Paulus the Departmental Head of Commerce and Business Studies at the school told this paper on Thursday that many developments are currently being undertaken in the school led by its principal Garry Mark.

“The installation of gas stoves recently replacing kerosene stoves used previously is just one of new developments of the schools.

“We have also erected security fencing around the whole campus and also some new classrooms have been built,” he said.

Mr Paulus explained the good management and administration under the guides of Mr Mark is seeing many tangible developments at the school.

“Other very important developments also include the fully installation of Information Management System, extension of internet coverage, school bell system, increased of student enrolment and increased in teaching staff,” he said.

However, Mr Paulus said that the increase in enrollment of students has burdened and overloaded the teachers with extra workloads.

“We are working overload and extra work because of the increased in the number of student enrolment and it’s really tiring,” he said.

“Many of the students coming here are complaining about mismanagement and administrations of schools they have been previously enrolled in,” he said.

Mr Paulus said that the school administration had decided to allow for only Grade 11 & 12 students for boarding and for Grade 9 & 10 students to be day students.

“We have limited student rooms in the school and preference has been offered to the senior students (Gr. 11 & 12) while the lower secondary students (Gr. 9 & 10) are required to have the day student status,” he said.

“Likewise due to the increased in the number of students, there are more than 2000 plus students currently studying at the institution and also classes from Gr. 9s & 10s have increased to 10 classes for each for the lower grades.”


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