School dormitories burnt


One of the oldest existing international schools in Enga, Highlands Lutheran International Schools in Enga has recently witnessed the burning down of its principal’s house and girls dormitories.

From sources on the ground, the cause of the fire and the identity of those involved have yet to be established.

Rex Pulpilya, a tribesman of the Ambulini Tribe where HLIS is located, said from his Aipipas village that his tribesman and law enforcement agencies are yet to establish why and how the fire started that burnt down the principal’s house and then a week later, the girl’s dormitory last Sunday.

“My tribesmen are in mourning because for 11 years we fought with surrounding tribes but the school was hardly touched or affected in anyway and now when we are experiencing peace, this sudden incident has affected us a lot.

“My people bled blood protecting this important institution and it saddens us when such old buildings of the school have been burnt and we are yet to find out what caused the fire and why,” said Mr Pulipilya.

The villager explained that many of the country’s young generation elite have come that institution.

“HLIS is one of the top and well known international educational institutions in the highlands and many of the well to do citizens as well as foreigners send their school for education there.

“Children come from far and wide in the country to come here to learn and also most of the teachers here are expatriates and HLIS has had its share of good days but such incidents like this now is portraying a bad picture of the institution,” he said.

Mr Pulpilya said that as in the case of the principal’s house, the girl’s dormitory caught fire and burnt down during midday last weekend.

Attempts to get comments from the Enga police were unsuccessful.

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