Parkop tells boys and men, everyday should be Mother’s Day

Caption: Members of the PNG Defence force leading the walk last Sunday in Port Moresby.


As the city joined the rest of the world to mark the International Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12, 2019, NCD Governor Powes Parkop called on the men and boys in the country, to treat women and mothers like it is Mother’s Day every day.

Governor Parkop, a great advocate of women’s rights and equality, reminded the crowd to step up to ensure women feel safe and empowered in their own City.

“Our women folks must feel free to walk in their City without fear of harassment and intimidation. They must feel safe to go to the movies, night clubs, shops, schools, churches and markets freely,” said Mr Parkop when speaking at the end of this week’s Active City Development Program’s Walk and Yoga for Life.

Governor Parkop led the walk, with members of the PNG Defence Force and students from various schools. Other city dwellers also came out to celebrate the special day.

The walk on Sunday was dedicated to all the Mothers in Port Moresby, and city dwellers were also reminded of the importance of keeping healthy and active.

Governor Parkop thanked all the mothers for their unconditional love to their family and all their contribution to society. Mothers protect, defend, love and mould their children to become who they can be and the role of mothers are therefore even more critical to shape the future generation of our country.

Specifically, Governor Parkop said we can start from our own health and fitness and urged mothers (and fathers) to pass on a healthy lifestyle and behaviours to their children so that they embrace a good quality of life in the future.

Governor Parkop gave some examples and cited the sugary and high fat food that we dish our families today that needs to change.

He said we should change the narrative in our City where everyone should be more focused on how to live a quality and healthy life, instead of a preoccupation on unproductive bad habits like playing cards and chewing betelnut; as well as a preoccupation on marriages and compensations.

Governor Parkop also said he regretted to learn about a 23 year old heart disease patient who shouldn’t be having such issues.

“Heart disease is common amongst old people between the ages of 60 and 80. We lack consciousness about our health and we must give greater priority to our health and wellness.

“Our Mothers have a role to play to provide healthier food for their children,” he said.

Governor Parkop said in Nepal and Bhutan, success is measured by the happiness index of its people and their quality of life. Unfortunately, in PNG, we measure our success by material wealth.

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