Ambunti-Drekikir District Present Acquittals


Ambunti-Drekikir District Development Authority in East Sepik presented their 2018, DSIP of K10 million to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development on Tuesday.

While presenting the acquittals, the local MP and vice Minister for Finance and Rural Development Mr Johnson Wapunai said that his district was among those least development districts due to its difficult geographical settings.

“Ambunti-Drekikir is the second biggest land mass in East Sepik after Angoram and this district continues to pose challenges in service delivery.”

“Most of the money budgeted to deliver basic services to the district are consumed by the costs involved to transport the materials and service delivery is very expensive,” he said.

Mr Wapunai said that Drekikir can be reached by road from its provincial capital of Wewak but Ambunti is difficult to reach because swamps and its many rivers.

The local MP said that some of his council wards are over-populated and they need to be split so that proper planning can be done for service deliveries.

“We need to really look at our district boundaries, especially our LLGs and our villages also because some of these villages are over populated with over 1000 people.”

“Another thing is our district also shares boundaries with a lot of electorates and districts in the country like Wasera-Gawi, Nuku, Aitape-Lumi, Vanimo-Green, Teleformin and Koroba-Lake Kopiago that in the future the government has to consider these facts and make changes if necessary.”

Mr Wapunai said that his district received K2 million in 2017 and K10 million last year for its DSIP but most of this is consumed by the transport rather than the actual cost of the projects that it under takes.

“Almost one third of the budgeted DSIP for the district is spent on cost of transportation for the matrials and such so this poses a great change to bring basic services to the district.”

Acting Secretary of DIRD Aihi Vaki when receiving the development plan thanked Vice Minister Wapunai and his administration for presenting a workable development plan.

“In order to make your plan workable, you must have an active workforce to support and drive your policies and visions.”

Mr Vaki said that politicians are policy makers but the task lies with the district administration staffs to make them reality and urged those presented to work with the leader to achieve what was on the development plan.

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