Jiwaka MPs petitioned to join opposition

Caption: Activists and some members of the public in Banz Jiwaka province calling on their four MPs to join the opposition camp.

POLITICAL activists and the public in Jiwaka have verbally petitioned their four Parliamentarians to support the Opposition camp led by James Marape.

Public awareness on the streets of Minj, Banz and Kudjip led by activist and Kudjip community leader Thompson Gurr on Monday and gaining momentum this week which received wide support called on North Waghi MP Dr Fabian Pok, Jimi MP Wake Going and Anglimp South Waghi MP Joe Kuli to leave the government side and join the alternate government camp at Laguna hotel.

Mr Gurr said the interest of the people of Jiwaka is to see a change in government after witnessing no tangible developments from the government in the last seven years.

“This is a collective call to our three mandated open MPs to join their brother Governor Dr William Tongamp in the opposition’s camp.

“Our governor had made a noble decision. Now, the three MPs must follow him. They must respect the wish of the people.

“Leaders are not there for themselves. They were mandated by the people. Ninety per cent of the powers are held by the people. Leaders must act on the interest of the people, not theirs. Therefore, the interest of the people of Jiwaka is that they want their four MPs to shift to the opposition camp despite their political affiliations,” Mr Gurr said.

He reiterated that in the last seven years, Jiwaka had gained nothing from the current government because it was considered a liability to the country.

“There was no funding support given for the revival of the giant rundown Waghi Mek coffee plantation, no support for agriculture, and other developments that will help to set up the internal revenue base. Even though Kudjip Nazarene Hospital was declared a provincial hospital under the Provincial Health Authority structure, funding has not been forthcoming.

“This province is running on ad hoc basis. As a new province, it must receive heavy government support and that has never happened.

“Even the Prime Minister has never set foot on Jiwaka soil at any one time. This shows that this government is not interested in our province. Our leaders must not blindly support this government,” Mr Gurr said..

He called on the four MPs to support Marape, their brother from Hela so that together they can develop their new provinces.

Mr Gurr said the vote of no confidence is the perfect time to support this change to happen.

He emphasised that most things in the country are not working out right and majority of the people in the rural areas are suffering silently.

“This country needs God fearing leaders with wisdom to put the interests of the people first and not be driven by greed for money and fame,” he said.

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