Control unhealthy for democracy: Kramer


The news of the government’s call to regulate and crackdown on fake news recently has not gone down well with the general public led by opposition MP Bryan Kramer.

Mr Kramer through a statement on Wednesday said that the government’s recent call to regulate and control social media mediums especially Facebook is not in the interest of this country as it is against the constitution to exercise their freedom of expression.

“This is the 20th announcement that his government intends to crackdown on social media but as leaders we must understand that controlling of the mediums of the medium of communications in a democratic nation is unhealthy.

“While PM O’Neill claims fake news is destroying our people and society, he failed to provide any example or evidence of just how our people and the society are being destroyed,” he said.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on Monday said during the swearing in and reshuffling of ministerial portfolios at the Government House said that the government will be tough on social media users and tasked the Communication Minister Konie Iguan to be reviewing the use of this communication medium.

“Cabinet will have a complete review of social media in this country, led by the Minister for Communications. There is a lot of fake news destroying our people, destroying our society,” he said.

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