Minister Kapavore applauds Sir Puka


The newly appointed Health Minister, Elias Kapavore has commended the former minister and open member for Abau, Sir Puka Temu for his contribution to the health sector in the last 20 months.

Mr Kapavore, who is the former Minister for Public Service, has been appointed Health Minister in a cabinet reshuffle announced this week by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Speaking during the handover ceremony on Wednesday, Mr Kapavore said the national department of health will continue to maintain its priorities and also introduce the implementation of reforms in the health services standards.

“As the new minister, I would want to introduce something that is new but take on board the reviewing of the national health service standards reforms as this is the foundation of anything that we want to do,” he said.

Mr Kapavore thanked Sir Puka’s leadership and assured him that he would do his best with the help of the staff and stakeholders including the global health fund, IMF and the United Nations.

“You have been an inspiration to many of us as a true leader and true statesman. And we will continue to look up to you and seek your advice when we continue to go through the national health plan as we go forward in the strategies discussed,” Mr Kapavore said.

He assured Sir Puka that the establishment of the Central Provincial Health Authority would be looked at immediately which discussions have already commenced with the Central Governor Robert Agarobe and Rigo MP, Lekwa Gure for the project to be established.

He said all existing facilities in NCD will be reviewed and audited to ensure accountability and proper services are in place to serve the people.

Mr Kapavore also reminded the staff of the department to create a culture of providing quality health services to the people

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