NID Scam Needs Explanation

With due respect to DPM and Treasurer, Hon Charles Abel, this NID issue needs answers. More than K231 million spent to produce less than 150,000 IDs is inexcusable, to say the least. Your colleague Minister ( RM) has let the cat out of the bag and the public has the right to know on how so much taxpayer funds were expended on relatively tiny outcome.

Minister Abe, he registration exercise is disappointing but ongoing and one part of a range of requirements to establish a national biometric database to underpin the functions of the Civil Registry and provide a platform for many other applications. The policy, the legal amendments, the NID House and 22 branches, the server and backup system at Telikom, card production hardware and software extending throughout the branch network, the HR structure and recruitment, the 400 mobile data collection units. Needs ongoing multi agency support for registration exercise.The public payroll savings alone can recover the cost of this project in one year alone.

Having an effective and reliable database system is a need for government, to have proper planning and resource allocation, amongst others.
Be that as it may, when a colleague minister, who now is privy to the inside information, claims it has been a rot; it gives the public a firmer impression that it is. Maybe an independent performance audit from the AGO might settle this issue. Such might vindicate you.

I don’t wish to know the politics of it, but it occurs to me that for a colleague minister to go outside of the convention of ‘Collective Ministerial Responsibility’ to beat this issue out in the open is telling of an issue that is more compelling than his duty to Cabinet or common courtesy to his fellow minister.

Chalse Abel please explan this SCAM



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