Let govt continue good work

There is much talk on the impending vote of no confidence (VONC) against the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill when parliament convenes on May 28, 2019. It is the prerogative of any member or members of parliament to pursue such cause. As a public commentator, I would like to expose and share my views and observations in the following manner.

Firstly, political stability in government is good for consistent deliverance of government development plans and programmes.  Some would ask “political stability for whom”. That question can be answered by seeing whether the government is working and delivering services or not?

Secondly, when O’Neill came into power in 2011, he fought with the system (courts) tooth and nail to secure government and political stability. Many of us continued to oppose him on those actions but while fighting the system and the courts, he schemed into grand scale development agendas and plans.

He went offshore to find money to fund his government’s development plans. He started on high gear to cut pom city into pieces, roads developments everywhere, the freeway upgrade, the Paga Hill ring road, the 9 mile to Gerehu back road, the Gerehu to Baruni to Koni back road, the Tokarara to Koni back road, the Taurama to 6 mile back road, everywhere, roads open way that the city opened up and extended out. Many settlements were buldozed with many people displaced but these very people including pom city residents are the major beneficiaries to pom city growth.

The govt introduced the ideas of celebrity events such as Pacific Games, Commonwealth leaders summit and the famous 2018 APEC meet. These celebrity events were used as the reason to develop pom city infrastructure. The city growth brought in business interest to develop and build new high rise buildings all over pom city, the downtown CBD is on the race to building boom..waigani CBD and Koni CBD are equally on the race to building boom growth. The city has well and truly become a modern metropolitan city, similar to some Australian cities that I have visited.

Jackson’s international airport has and is changing its face to international standards, similar to provincial and regional airports like Kagamuga, Goroka, Kundiawa with others on the queu for development at this point in time. The main shipping ports of Port Moresby and Lae have been dramatically developed to international standards and many others are on the que for development.

Public roads infrastructure development is on the govt’s appettite for growth. O’Neill knows that building and developing roads and bridges in this country is the way and the only way to transform national growth. There are many missing links under works at this juncture, the Chinese are working day and night on the Simbu-Madang road. I just visited this project while on Easter weekend up there. The Chinese contractors are reported to say that China transforms nations with roads and bridges, they day that PNG is very small in their eyes. There’s the major upgrade of Mt. Hagen city roads from town to Kagamuga airport. The face of the third largest city is changing. Mt Hagen is known for string of petty crimes but people’s attitude and mindset is changing with the town growth.

Thirdly, critique and criticism is an inherent nature of mankind. This occurs for the reason alone that individuals perceive things different to their world views. Criticism are indeed healthy for take, review and challenges but criticisms at times must be evidence based and substantiated. There is no perfection to people. If a person or a head of government is working for a common cause, than let him or her do the work. There’s no rocket science to development definition. If a PM is working, let him work regardless of the allegations, rumours or perceptions but then, all these allegations must be supported with evidence. The law of evidence is fundamental tenet to law and carriage of justice.

Finally, the office of the prime minister belongs to the people and if that office holder is delivering for its people, than let it be. The members of parliament must not play politics with the office of the prime minister. Just because you have served three terms or four terms of parliamentary term, does not and should not give you a false illusion that you should play politics to remove a performing prime minister. To this end, parliament should not entertain a VONC  against the PM, Hon. Peter O’Neill or his executive  government. Leave his government to continue with their good work.


God bless.


Yapi Akore

Kundiawa, Sp.

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