Hear the cries of your people and move!

Hon James Marabe’s nomination as the alternate Prime Minister is not final but a mere process to meet the requirements/prerequisites for filing the motion for VoNC. That has been achieved on the 7th of May and Parliament has been adjourned to May 28.

We all undoubtedly cannot deny that Member for Sinesine Yongomugl Hon. Kerenga Kua is the finest son of Simbu voted into Parliament in this era. Simbus are best known as King Makers. If we are to be king ourselves then we already have one who is overly qualified and overdue for the CEO of this country.

PNG is the land of the unexpected and anything is possible. Hon. Kerenga Kua still stands a chance of being the PM in this VoNC on the floor of Parliament come May 28. Member for Karamui Salt-Nomane Hon. Jeffrey Kama has done Simbu proud and joined his fellow countryman. This is a call to other Simbu MPs to move to Laguna Camp and align with Hon. Kerenga Kua between now and May 28 and increase his chances for the PM post.

There will be great honour in your move. Today is the ‘android age’ and the vast majority who used to be starved of vital information are now having a field day at the tip of their fingers. Most of your constituents are demanding you to move. Your decision to stay with PMPO makes you very unpopular and rest assured that it will have negative impacts on your popularity come 2022.

Today is your golden opportunity to break the chains of Crown Hotel and move over to Laguna camp and bargain for ministerial portfolio or projects in your respective districts.

The six that Laguna camp needs will be provided by either Basil, Duma or Wingti-Chan. Don’t wait till the game is over because by then, you would have forfeited your bargaining powers. Move now and let Simbu see you and PNG applaud you as leaders who had the balls to stand as mandated leaders and be counted.

King Makers do become Kings!


By Kombulno Kip

North Whagi, Jiwaka


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