Komo youths drop guns, knives for rugby balls

After six years of tribal fighting in Komo, the youth of Komo in the Hela Province have taken it upon themselves to reject being led into tribal fights and start the first ever rugby competition.

At the official launch of the Komo Rugby Football League Association (KRL) last month, patron Dr. Michael Mai said: “We started this about six weeks ago, this is history in the making for this place, a dawn of a new day for this electorate.

“As we are all aware this place was once a no go zone. Komo was a ghost town with no activity except for security vehicles driving up and down the roads.”

Seeing that the youths were being drawn into tribal fighting and substance abuse, KRL Chairman Morris Edwin teamed up with Dr Mai to try out 10 teams for a Christmas touch game. The results were very successful and so a proper competition had to be established in 2019 to cater for the rapidly growing interest.

The young man who courageously worked hard to bring KRL to life gave a very emotional speech on that day, KRL chairman, Morris Edwin

He thanked the religious groups for their prayers, he thanked Dr Mai and his team and he thanked Kim Hahn the Field Operations Manager from ExxonMobil and the Community Affairs officers of ExxonMobil for bringing themselves down to their level to support their efforts in launching this ground breaking sports event in the province.

Chairman Edwin has setup 10 clubs for the men’s competition, six teams for the women’s touch competition and two under 10’s teams.

ExxonMobil PNG Limited is working with the PNG Rugby Football League (PNGRFL) to host a coaching clinic for the Association sometime this month.

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