Paying extra for burial at 9 mile cemetery

A Port Moresby resident has paid an extra K200 on top of the normal K110 normal cemetery fee to bury his daughter at the Nine Mile cemetery in Port Moresby.

The resident after paying the normal fee for a burial site at the 9 Mile cemetery at NCDC office, he had to pay the extra at the burial site.

“That extra money was for the people who have actually dug the grave in advance for the burial or pay at the same time after you mark your own space to bury the body,” he said.

He said two weeks ago, after paying the fee for the burial site of his small daughter at the NCDC office, he thought a backhoe would do the digging.

“But that was not the case. I present the papers with the cemetery caretakers at 9 Mile and asked if the backhoe would do the digging but they said the backhoe was out of contract.

“They said I would have to dig the grave myself. That was shocking news to me as all this time, I knew, a backhoe would do the job.

“I asked when the backhoe lost the contract and they said “long time ago”. One said two years ago. I couldn’t believe that news but that was a new to me as a first timer to that cemetery.

“Anyhow, I paid K200 to the diggers and my grave (pictured left) for my small daughter was dug and she was finally laid to rest on April 26.

“As a taxpayer, I find it hard to understand digging a grave for a loved one when a backhoe should do the job. Where are all the taxes? Where are all the money that have been taxed 24/7 year in, year out!!

“Who is responsible for this? Nine Mile cemetery is one place that has to receive great attention because people who were taxed millions are going there to rest and we can’t allow a grieving family/relative to sweat out and dig,” he said.

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