Pangu Pati still intact, existing


Pangu Party is existing with six of its 15 (15) MPs claims, interim Parliamentary Party Leader and Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu.

Mr Saonu said that Pangu Party is one of the oldest political parties in the country and it was so saddening when nine of its party MPs broke away with its former leader Sam Basil recently due to misunderstanding and differences within the party committees and MPs.

“Pangu is an institution, attached closely with the history of PNG and I thank the six Pangu MPs who despite many twists and turns in recent months have been able to remain steadfast with the party.

“Let me assure Pangu Pati membership, supporters and the entire nation that Pangu is bigger than any one individual and because it has survived over the years and it will continue to do so,” he said.

Mr Saonu said that he had decided to accept the leadership because of the historical relationship of the party and the Morobe Province.

“Morobe is Pangu’s home base, and it is where the party was born and as the political head of the province, I took ownership and leadership of this party,” he said.

Governor Saonu thanked the former party leader Sam Basil for his leadership in reviving the old party where most of the seats in Morobe were won under the party banner.

“I thank the former leader Hon Basil for his guidance in reviving this party and also I call those with him there that they are still Pangu MPs and they can join and the door is still open.

“In going forward, we the party MPs will maintain the values and principals in which this party was founded and commit ourselves with likeminded leaders to take back this nation despite inducements from the other side we are not moved one bit,” he said.

Another twists of event during the conference Wasera-Gawi MP Joseph Yopyyopy said that he still was the party leader of Melanesian Alliance after Sam Basil was appointed as the party leader with the other nine who defected from Pangu Party.

The six Pangu MPs who joined the opposition include; Central Governor Robert Agarobe, Morobe Governor and Party Leader Ginson Saonu, Tewae-Siassi MP Dr Kobby Bomareo, Finschhafen MP Rainbo Paita, Goilala MP and Deputy Party Leader William Samb and Lae MP John Rosso.

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