Pangu MPs regroup


PANGU party with the new interim parliamentary leader Ginson Saonu have regrouped and extended the call for former party leader Sam Basil and eight members to return to the Opposition Laguna camp to continue their fight against corruption.

Mr Saanu, one of the 15 Pangu MPs, who did not resign from the party following the mass resignation, said it was the people of Morobe who voted him and as political head of the province he will protect the political identity of the province.

They six MPs announced on last Thursday at Laguna camp they will stand together to take the interest of the party forward despite the differences due to lack of consultations.

The six Pangu MPs parliamentary wing are. Ginson Saonu – Morobe Governor, Robert Agarobe – Central Governor, William Samb – Goilala MP John Rosso – Lae MP Rainbo Paita – Finschafen MP
Dr Kobby Bomareo – Tawae-Siasi MP.

Governor Saonu and the party executives including the General Secretary Morris Tovebae and President Patrick Tovebae said the door is open for the eight Pangu MPs who just joined the Melanesian Alliance party to return as they are still the members of the Pangu because they have not tendered their resignation.

They said the party was split because of the lack of communication between Mr Basil and the party executives. They said differences must be put aside the put Pangu, people of Morobe and PNG first.

Mr Saonu said he took up the leadership position to maintain and continue the good work done by former leader Sam Basil and maintain the political identity of Morobe province.

He said with the vote of no confidence coming up, the six Pangu MPs are together and will push the interest of the party forward.

“Now we are informing the nation, party supporters and the people of Morobe that we have re-united and will stand together in this vote of no confidence to push the interest of the party.

Party president Patrick Pundau and General secretary Morris Tovebae said the eight Pangu MPs with former leader Sam basil are still the member of the party as they have not officially tendered their resignation as per the requirement of the party constitution and the political party laws.

Former deputy leader William Samb said the call is not for himself or the executive of the party but its for the Pangu Pati and challenged the party executives to put their differences aside to move the party forward.

Finchhafen MP Renbo Paita while acknowledging the good work done by Mr Basil including the resurrecting the party said technically all 14 Pangu MPs are still the legitimate members of the party.

Mr Paita said we would like to consolidate under the new team and despite the differences and party affiliation, individuals MPs have the convictions to move. Adding that the door is open for Basil and the team.

Cenral Governor and Lae MP John Rosso said they won as an independent and later joined Pangu and will remain with the group to see how developments unfold.



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