Vote still on

Wok mas go yet


The vote of no confidence motion filed by the Opposition last week Tuesday is on foot and is likely to eventuate in June after due process is completed.

Parliament Speaker Job Pomat confirmed receiving the motion signed by 16 Opposition MPs after the Government used its numerical strength to adjourn Parliament for three weeks. However, the Speaker did not specify the exact date but said it will go before the committee for vetting before it appears on the notice paper.

Office of the Parliament Speaker said the operation of the motion starts when it is put on notice paper. However, the opposition only filed the motion last Tuesday and is yet to be deliberated upon by the committee.

Parliament resumes on Tuesday, May 28. This means the committee will deliberate on the motion on Wednesday, May 29. The motion goes on the notice paper on May 30 if it meets all the requirements.

The one week requirement by the constitution in this case may start on May 30 or thereafter (excluding weekends) depending on the speaker and the committee.

The possible date for the vote of no confidence would be June 8.

Speaker Job Pomat said Parliament may not necessarily vote on May 28. He said with the motion notice given on Tuesday afternoon, it will go on the notice paper when parliament next meets.

The speaker said that the grace period of 18 months had lapsed. A vote can be moved anytime as long as the mandatory seven days requirement is met on the notice paper.

“The three weeks’ adjournment also gives time to Opposition to do strategies and strengthen themselves, you all saw their numbers on the floor of the house.

“Vote of no confidence, it’s all about numbers, so if the Opposition is aggrieved, they must also be happy that the adjournment gives them more time to strategies their numbers.

“My call to all Papua New Guineans is let’s let the democratic process of parliament take its course,” Mr Pomat said.

Meanwhile, the six Pangu Party MPS on Thursday called on other Pangu MPs including Sam Basil who have recently joined the Melanesian Alliance Party and are with O’Neill camp to join the Pangu in the Opposition.

The government camp at Crown Hotel is still intact while the opposition maintains its Laguna camp as negotiations continue to build their numbers before May 28.

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