Kagua-Erave district to sponsor students to study in China


Investing in human resource development is paramount importance to any other development and our leaders must prioritise education to unlock the unknown future in this modern era. 

Vice Minister for Sports and Kagua-Erave MP Wesley Ora Raminai will sponsor students for studies this year.

Mr Reminai said investing in the human resources in his district will improve the livelihood of the electorate and bring positive development to his people and the district.

“I will have my DDA approve some funds and put them aside to sponsor students from the district towards the end of this year for the September intake. My administration recognises education as key element to the development and progress of my electorate,” he said.

Education Pacific Agency managing director Jeffers Teargun Heptol said that once necessary documents have been finalised, the students sponsored under this program will undergo training in areas of medicine, engineering, business and IT courses.

“EPA is the largest education platform in the Pacific to coordinate this program and we have been engaged by the Vice Minister to coordinate with universities in China for the eligible students to study there.

“Minister, your desire to support and sponsor students to get education is a sustainable investment. EPA has been assisting students from all over PNG and other Pacific countries to study in China and elsewhere to acquire quality education. EPA cooperates with some provincial governments and mining companies like the Ok Tedi Mining Ltd who is sponsoring PNG students to study aboard,” said Mr Heptol. 

Mr Heptol confirmed with this paper that the selected students under this sponsorship package will take up their studies towards the end of this year.

“We at EPA are happy with the enthusiasm and desire shown by the local MP and we will do what we can from our side to facilitate for the students to study in China.

“Over the years we have assisted my students from PNG and the Pacific and we will continue to help those who seek learning aboard, especially with universities in China,” he said.

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