Wabag MP Praised for NID


People of Wabag Electorate and the residents are happy with the local MPs’ initiative in conjunction with the National Identification Division to have his people registered.

The NID program was rolled out last year by the NID division of the Department of National Planning and Implementation in the invitation of the local MP Hon Dr Lino Tom.

Flex Siki, an accounts officer at the Wabag General Hospital, told the Sunday Chronicles last week from Wabag that MP Dr Lino has seen this important need and has started this initiative to have us all registered.

“The electorate could be among the first in the country to roll out this program and we are happy to have registered for NID,” he said.

“Dr Lino is doing a lot for this electorate in terms of service delivery and NID registration is among these and we applaud the MP.”

Mr Siki said that having the right population figure for the electorate, the district administration will than plan out its service delivery for the district.

Dr Lino announced prior to the roll out of the NID program said that he wants to have his people registered because there were too many irregularities in the national census and it was becoming a headache for effective planning.

“We at the moment don’t know the actual population figure so we don’t know how and where we can start service delivery and who needs what.

“With having the actual figure, we will start planning and giving services to the people according to the population figure and see what actually they need,” he said.

Dr Lino said that having the people registered will also relieve the Department of National Planning and Monitoring to know the actual population of the electorate and urged other MPs in the province to have their people registered for NID.

Richard Maru, Minister for National Planning and Monitoring last year urged all MPs to facilitate and work with the NID office to have their people registered.

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