Israeli Agro Industry expands projects in Enga


The multi-million kina Israeli Agro Industry based in Sirunki in Lagaip-Pogera District in Enga Province is expanding its agricultural projects that are posing to benefit hundreds and thousands of locals from the province from its project.

This was evident when the project manager for company Liran Israel in the company of staff from the Enga Provincial Agriculture & Life Stock Division and Enga Provincial Survey Division distributed potato and strawberry seedlings to the locals at Yogos village in Tsak Valley of Wapenamanda District on Wednesday.

The landmass was 38 hectares of farmland that will be used by Israeli Agro Industry to farm potatoes, strawberries and bulb onions which previously used by the Enga Agriculture Department.

Mr Liran when presenting seedlings the first bunch of seedlings to the locals said: “I will supply more seeds when I see the cultivated land ready to grow potatoes by individuals in the area.”

Local representative of the area Sikin Michael said that the locals were very much appreciative of the project initiative and urged the company to use the assigned land without further delay.

“This 38 hectares of land was once used by the Agriculture Department of Enga to facilitate farming in Tsak Valley years back but due to tribal fight it has been left untilled.

“We are very much appreciative of the initiative taken by the EPG in partnership with Israeli Agro Industry to bring much needed projects to our door steps,” he said.

Mr Michael said that his tribe, the Yopo were peace-loving and this was evident in previous establishment and existence of projects like the Tsak Secondary School in the district.

“This agricultural project is a bonus to the people not only for the Yopo tribesmen and women but for the entire district and the province.

“We believe this will have positive impacts in our community and in the livelihoods of the people of Tsak Valley as well as the province,” he said.

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