Waigani Christian Academy focuses on building new facilities


With the increasing number of students every year, the Waigani Christian Academy is focusing on building new facilities this year to develop learning abilities for its students.

A new science laboratory is currently under construction funded by the education department at a cost of K1.4 million.

The state-of-the-art building will include a computer laboratory that will be accessed by the students for extra learning.

Director of Waigani Christian Academy, Benjamin Mul told Sunday Chronicle that the institution is focused on ensuring that students are taught with quality curriculum that will qualify them for tertiary institutions.

“Waigani Christian is for students who are not selected to high schools and secondary schools. We give them second chance by educating them with quality education”.

“Last year, our grade 12 students have been selected to various universities and colleges throughout the country. This shows the kind of effort we put in to ensure second chances go to universities and colleges,” Mr Mul said.

He said the new science laboratory would enhance the learning ability for students who wish to further their research and knowledge in that field.

“We have also up-grade our library and classrooms to cater for the number of new and existing students,” he said.

Mr Mul said the number of students is increasing every year and the need for new infrastructure and facilities are paramount to ensure the students are educated well.

“The number of students are increasing every year and we are now looking at the erecting new buildings and facilities to cater for the students and also ensuring the facilities will complement the quality of teaching will adopt,” Mr Mul said.

He said the school also focuses on teaching students with Christian values and principles to prepare them for future endeavours.

Mr Mul said the school is affiliated with the University of Goroka through the Flexible of Distance Education mode in the Southern Region.

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