Landowners appeals for CS maintenance


A landowner group from the Hawa CS in Hela is appealing to the concerned government authorities bodies to carryout full maintenance at the prison facility affected by the major earthquake last year.

Mr Paul Panda Ngibe, a landowner representative from Hawa, in Hela Province said yesterday in Port Moresby that lawlessness in Hela is increasing and the province needs to have its own prison facility.

“The Tari Police Station becomes crowded with all sorts of law offenders and it’s a long journey to transport prisons to prison in Mendi in SHP or Baisu in Western Highlands.

“We need to have our own prison facility in Hela and as a landowner, I’m calling on the National Government, Hela Provincial Government, CS and other concerned authorities and partners to have the CS facility in Hawa up and running,” he said.

Mr Ngibe pointed out the few maintenance were done in 2015 and 2016 but the major earthquake last year devastated what was on the ground.

CS Commissioner Stephen Pokanis in clarification said yesterday that Hawa Correctional Institution is one of the priority institutions in the country, they would like to operate.

“Currently CS has 12 Officers on the ground under the command of Sergeant Simon Kitingi and the institution was closed for some years now.

“The last officer who was there and tried to help in re-opening the institution was Inspector Ned Gong back in early 2000,” he said.

Mr Pokanis said since then major infrastructure has been a hindrance with the exception of staff houses and dormitories need maintenance.

He said there are other services which are not in place yet like water, communications, electricity and sewerage systems.

“In 2018, our current governor Phillip Undialu, provincial administor– William Bando, senior ministers from National Government, Provincial Government and local people have been working overtime to support the re-opening of the institution,” he said.

“My minister and I will work with them, and knowing the sensitive and delicate political, social and economic dissensions on the ground, we will work with our leaders and every one to have the institution re-opened.”

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