Landowners receive K2 million compo


Landowners from Mukurumanda Correctional Services in Enga were blessed this New Year when they were recipient of K2 million from the CS Department on Wednesday in Port Moresby for their land acquisition.

Acting CS Commissioner Stephen Pokanis said that the facility at Mukurumanda CS was at its infant stage (phase one) where only 17 staff houses were built due to financial constraints faced by the department.

“We are happy that the National Government has allocated and made a commitment of K30 million to us this year and we hope to use it according to urgent needs of facilities around the country.

“Of the K30 million committed, K10 million was committed to Mukurumanda CS and now the landowners are given K2m out of this amount,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Pokanis said that the department needed K1 billion to run its facilities effectively and efficiently yearly.

“Running of facilities is not an easy task and I commend the hard working CS men and women who have sacrificed to have these important government institutions running smoothly over the years,” he said.

“Our CS facilities have aged and are deteriorating as well as overcrowding and they need a major overhaul or we will continue to face problems in the future,” he said.

Mr Pokanis said that in most instances hard work, sacrifices and the good deeds of the CS officers are not known but the public is fast to condemn and criticize when such things like a jail breakout happens.

MP Wapenanmanda and Minister for Foreign Affairs Rimbink Pato who was present to witness the presentation said that he was happy to have the facility built in his electorate.

“This is an important government institution and I’m thankful to the CS Department and the National Government for having it built in my electorate.

“I wish to assure you all that I will help in any way I can to have this facility up and running so that prisoners are concentrated there rather than having them sent elsewhere,” he said.

Mr Pato urged the people from the surrounding communities to take ownership of such initiatives of the government and abstain from engaging in harmful and illegal activities like tribal fights.



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