K115, 487,777.07 m TFF funds released for payment to schools

Education Minister Nick Kuman has announced that a total of K115, 487,777,07 million for TFF has been released to the Department of Education to pay to schools to start off the 2019 academic year.

The total amount to be paid to schools is the money for the final fourth quarter of 2018 that was withheld due to late release of funds and closure of the school academic year.

Mr Kuman said the money is for the TFF funding for Elementary, Primary, High Schools, National High Schools and Vocational Centers. The transactions to the designated schools’ bank accounts from BPNG will be effective as of January 21st, 2019.

The outline of this current payment is presented below. It includes the total payment and outstanding for Quarter 4 Payment 3 and payment for missed out schools.

  Sector Amount paid
1 Elementary K3,497,741.02 m
2 Primary/Community K38,100,425.69m
3 Provincial High Schools K09, 295,961.21m
4 Secondary Schools K26,580,187.29m
5 National High Schools K00, 723,424.40m
6 Vocational Centers K01,299,920.74m
7 New/Missed out/Underpaid K02,340,116.72m
8 Current Payment T&L Allocation K15,650,000.00m
9 2018 T&L Supplementary Budget Allocation K18,000,000.00m
  TOTAL K115,487,777.01 million


“I want to remind all the schools and their administrations once again to use the money wisely by spending only on the priority areas that will help the schools to begin the new academic year smoothly.

“I would like to thank the national government for continuing to honor its commitment by making funds available to pay the schools despite the difficult economic situation the country is facing.

“I also call on all the teachers to resume duties on Monday, January 21 to prepare for a full day’s teaching on Monday, January 28,” he said.



Minister for Education

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