Jackson’s Restaurant & Bar launches new menu and Interactive Noodles Station

Caption: Ranua Obaha & Media during the launching of new interactive noodle station Jackson’s Restaurant & Bar.

The Jackson’s Rooftop Bar is pleased to launch its new interactive noodle station today (Thursday, December 20) at 6pm. It is a concept that’s been practised around the world and now Papua New Guineans can experience it for themselves.

The interactive noodles station allows for customers to decide their meal combination –noodles, protein, sauce and vegetables – and watch the Jackson’s Restaurant chefs cook it live. It is an experience you, your family and your friends will most definitely enjoy.

The noodles station will be open for customers from 6pm to 9pm on Thursdays to Saturdays, at the Jackson’s Rooftop Bar. Present at the pre-launch yesterday which was exclusive to media, Mrs Katrina Morgan, Coral Sea Hotels Group Training Chef said it’s a big thing in other countries and you only watch it on cooking shows but it’s new to the Jackson’s Restaurant & Bar and now an experience everyone can try.‘

It’s called the DIY Noodle Station. We want to diversify it a little and let you choose what you like…and it only takes about 5 minutes.

’Gateway Hotel’s Assistant Food & Beverage Manager, Mr Ranu Obaha also suggesteda selection of beverages to couple with the different noodle recipes.

Along with the introduction of this concept, the Jackson’s Restaurant released its newmenu that has more flavours and variety to choose from, like Quesadilla, CarbonaraPizza, Beef & Murphy’s Pie and the most popular, Beef Tomahawk. ‘

We get a good mix of clientele that come in – both international guests but also local –so with that new menu we want to meet all the different type of clienteles that we getthrough,’ Mr Ranu Obaha said.

Jackson’s Restaurant & Bar is open to the general public and operating hours are from10am to 11pm daily.

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