Respect, submission, obedience and dedication bring success


Respect, submission, obedience and dedications are fundamental aspects of life that bring success to one’s life, says a senior public servant

Evah Buru, a recipient of the Member of the Order of Logohu (“ML”) from Acting Governor General Job Pomat at Government House, said that people must work hard in life to be successful citizens.

She was recognised for her public service, particularly as a teacher in rural areas that she served for the past 42 years.

“My journey in rural teaching started in 1976 and I have served rural schools throughout the country in my teaching profession and being a teacher is not that easy.

“I left my family and tribe soon after graduating from Gaulim Teachers College in 1976 when I got posted into an unknown province and place which was Sundaun Province,” she said.

She described her journey to the unknown as frightening for her to fly in an areoplane as well as to an unknown place but she said she did not “hesitate” to go.

“When I was posted I didn’t hesitate or disobey the authorities and with the God Lords’ guidance and mercy I took my first voyage and trip into the unknown.

“Despite consequences and situations and the hardships that you face, you must learn to give your best because these people in the remote areas need the service you are there to give,” she said.

Mrs Buru said her first posting saw her traveling to a remote school called Dilar Primary School and this place had its own bad reputation.

“Most public servants especially teachers were afraid to go there because the people there were assumed to be cannibals and as a female teacher, it was really hard.

“Yet I put my trust in the good Lord and went there despite the warnings from others,” she said.

Mrs Buru said that the generation of today are privileged because many developments are happening around the country unlike her time but challenge them to be respectful and obedience to others to live a blessed life.

She comes from Logogua Village in Kevieng, New Ireland Province.

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