Muri released from Southern Flames

Kutubu Security Service sponsored Southern Flames head coach Moi Muri has been released for the 2019 PNG Premier Men’s Basketball League season.

Flames franchise owner John Kapi Natto could be not reached for comments however founding club president Kevin Teme when contacted said the club had released the winning coach for the 2019 season.

“ Yes, Moi Muri has been released from the club. It is the management decision to release him on his two year contract,” the founding president Teme said.

Teme said Muri has been the pioneer coach for the club and under him Flames managed to win five consecutive titles.

One would wonder why a winning coach could be released early given his clean record. Teme when asked about this, he said the management had sat down and decided that Muri can now go held other teams and share the experience he has with other clubs.

“For us, we are happy to release him early but personally I didn’t know that Muri had signed a two year contract with the club. I was only advised by the club’s co-sponsor and general manageress Vonnie Kapi Natto that he did sign a two year contract,” Teme said.

Teme when further pressed on issue of his sons following their dad and coach, he said: “Well it’s up to the players to decide now but certainly all the players also signed two year contract with the club.”

“It is their choice whether they want to still play for Flames or want to follow their dad who is also the head coach for the team,” Teme said.

Flames franchise is made up of the Muri siblings including star players in the likes of Apia, Purari, Cornelius, Obert and Purari Muri.

Sources around the basketball fraternity also revealed that the release of Muri was due to insubordination and not showing up on numerous occasions for the club’s activities.

Teme when asked about this said, “Well that I may not be in a right position to answer that or confirmed whether the rumor is true or not.”

“All I know is that Muri is being released by the club and will not continue with Flames as the head coach,” Teme said.




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