Agarobe to support rugby league


Central Province Governor Robert Agarobe has pledged to support sports, especially rugby league in his province.

Governor Agarobe said last week in Port Moresby that rugby league will be among the sporting codes he will promote and support in the province because he sees the potential among the youths.

“Yes I have gone and watched couple of local games played in the electorates in the province and I see that there is huge potential out there that needs to be harnessed and developed so that they can compete in the intercity games.

“Raw talents are out there but they need profession training to exposer to local and intercity competitions in the city,” he said.

Mr Agarobe said that his administration will support the rural based players through such initiatives as providing funding for players and venues where games can be played.

He said that sporting is one way of engaging the youths to live meaningful and worthwhile lives in their communities.

“By engaging youths in sports like rugby, youths can be occupied and this will make them turn them away from engaging in illegal things like taking drugs,” he said.

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