The only place fit for labour at that time was a manger – a trough where animals feed from. It wasn’t a hotel, it wasn’t a hospital but a manger that His mother gave birth to Him. The air was filled with smell of animal wastes, a location that must be hidden from public eye. There the story of Christmas all began. A story of rubbish, smell, rejected and dejected of mankind, it is the story of Christ.

It takes a ‘Wise Man’ to realize a special baby was born on this day 2,018 years ago or you will not understand to bring a gift to celebrate the birth.

During His 33 years on earth, He did not own a car but borrowed a donkey to ride into Jerusalem. But He was celebrated in waves of palm leaves. He was the King of the little poor and low in Spirit. He heals or you heal yourself because of Faith, He says. He did not own a business, nor built a bridge or a road to boast about but He built principles and teachings which lasted this far.

Democracy began on the fundamentals of the Christian philosophy and its principles for without which democracy and free world could not have existed.

As we celebrate Christmas we are duty-bound to remember its beginning more than anything. It is ok to be poor, it is ok to be rejected, it is ok to be ostracized because only though rubbish buried at the backyard that a new pumpkin seed can sprout and become the shiniest and much favoured of all pumpkins.

We are not good as a country. Many things aren’t right. We like blaming others but most figures point back. This Christmas we must admit, accept and make sacrifices to be that seed in the rubbish that has all the promises to become the shiniest pumpkin ever. It is a promise in the ‘rule of nature’ – not mine.

PNG’s current development index stands as – between 1975 and 2018

  • 1975 PNG ranked 77th;
  • 2004 PNG dropped to 139th place;
  • 2008 PNG plummeted to 149th placing; and in
  • 2012 PNG further plummeted to 156th placing
  • 2018 PNG further plummeted to 178th

This is stunning. In 43 years we were passed by 123 countries.

We supply the world with best tuna steaks but lack village base artisanal fishery. Our families in villages do not even own fish farms for domestic feed hence, protein deficiency and lags behind UN health standards. We export cash crops (cocoa, coffee, copra) but lack commercialization of food crops (taro, kaukau, pawpaw or banana) to feed the PNG fresh food market first while surplus can be exported. Instead we invite Israelites – a desert country – to teach us farming techniques. But our ancestors practiced agriculture more than 60,000 years ago. We fail to introduce new innovative cash crops in the area of Essential Oils such as vertiver, patchouli, tuberose, and massoia to diversify the economy base. Current value of Essential Oil market stands around USD$26 billion. Our recently launched rice policy was only a ‘wake up’ from a deep sleep. We supply the world with best timber yet landowners in logging sites sleep in either haus morata or in make shit structures and lags behind UN basic shelter standards. The Tari’s contribute PNG’s first LNG yet they do not have electricity and miss out on development benefits since May, 2014 (first shipment of LNG cargoes @ around US$150 million per shipment out of around 600 shipments so far). And the list goes on and on, year after year.

Fallacy of Wealth Creation

All of us who inhabit the earth share in the common fact that our very existence depends on the shared availability of the natural resources. But the global economy has been engineered only to create an illusion that it is creating wealth – fallacy of wealth creation. In fact, it is not but concentrating the declining pool of wealth into fewer and fewer hands.

World governments are serving the interest of a few rich and powerful class of International ‘Banksters’ and ‘Economic Hitman’ who are “looting the resources” of the world through control and influence of world trade.

An Assertive Global Economy

Mal distribution of wealth therefore provides the leeway for a build-up of economic power which is increasingly concentrated not with governments but with global corporations such as the Bilderberg Group. Corporate executives wield unprecedented power over societies. They form part of a newly-dominant and assertive global institutions, state bureaucracies and inter government agencies. These Multinational Corporations (MNCs) are among the key agents in the process of globalization. They embody the emerging logic of global accumulation as they mark our new physical culture and economic frontier for global capitalism.

Capitalism, in the form of all transnational corporations has monopolized the production of manufactured goods using high tech machineries and equipment, commerce and marketing, banking and information. It is maintained that they use not only their enormous economic but also corruption and unfair or immoral practices to eliminate competition and preserve their dominance.

Third world countries including PNG are therefore forcefully made dependent on developed countries for capital, technology and markets. These rich countries using WTO and APEC as shield set interest rates, terms of trade, the tariffs and import barriers generally, through their economic power and drain off surpluses in the poor countries. In the making, the world is polarized into the rich and powerful ‘haves’ and the poor and dependent ‘have nots’.

In PNG we have land and labour (people). We have 49 million hectares of agriculture land and labour of 8 million people. We just need to find the correct and workable formula to change the way we are now. Right now we are NATO – no action talk only.

Poverty is measured in lack of services but not in terms of land and food. PNG can be better off if we get it right with factors of productions on land and labour.

Do not blame. Admit, accept and make sacrifice. Collectively we can change things around. It is not the end of the tunnel. Our problem is disunity and distrust simply because of ethnic diversity. We need to remove the ethnicity blockade. Only then politics, laws and structural changes can escape from the dungeon of our dark minds.

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