Raminai joins students to raise awareness on peace

Member for Kagua Erave and Vice Minister for Sports Wesley Ora Raminai has joined forces with university students to raise awareness on important developmental issues in his electorate.

So far it is a two-tier arrangement with the University of Papua New Guinea Kagua Erave Student’s Association and the Papua New Guinea University of Technology Southern Highlands Students Association.

In a media release, the Southern Highlands MP said: “The students union of the Southern Highlands Province has taken a commendable step in taking initiative to help address development issues in the electorate and wider province and I am only too happy to facilitate them.”

The consolidation of the working partnership was sealed at the Crown Hotel on Friday night during the corporate fundraising dinner hosted by the Unitech Southern Highlands Students Association.

Apart from buying a table, Mr Raminai committed a K10, 000 contribution to the corporate dinner themed “peace and restoration for development through educational awareness in Southern Highlands Province.”

This follows the recent completion of the first awareness drive by the UPNG Kagua Erave students which Mr Raminai made a K25, 000 funding to undertake.

“The prevailing situation in the Kagua Erave, let alone the Southern Highlands demands the very awareness these young elites of the province are undertaking. We have a problem of setting our mindset right which largely affects our development prospects,” the MP said adding, “it is a bold move the students have taken and I give my undivided support because without peace and good order and the proper mindset and the proactive participation of stakeholders, we will not achieve our development aspirations. We have a huge attitude problem that we need to correct to see change and tangible development take place.”

Students leaders on the night said their major aim of the awareness exercise was to support the government, non-governmental organizations and business houses achieve their respective aims and objectives. They said this could be done by carrying out awareness campaigns to restore peace in the province, educate people to improve living standards, take ownership, participate and be proactive in the development of the province and inspire the young attending primary, high and secondary schools to embrace learning and excel in education.

Unitech student leaders said: “Social, cultural and political influence has disrupted service delivery and disturbed the mindset of our people in the province. Alcohol and drug abuse, sex crimes and sorcery related killings are rampant and something has to be done to correct the way we live and do things. We are thankful to the leaders who have contributed to raising awareness.”

Mr Raminai added that the funding of awareness activities paves the way for setting the groundwork for impact projects identified through the Kagua Erave District’s Five-year Development Plan 2018-2022 which was just launched.

The Unitech Southern Highlands Students Association has 343 students from the five districts and are currently studying 13 different courses.

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