‘Bad road almost cost our lives’


Kompiam Baptist Hospital ambulance in the near fatal accident at Yamanda village, Kompiam District last week. Picture Courtesy of Tania Yamo.

“We could have lost our lives if not for the divine intervention of our God Lord who saved our lives in a near fatal accident last week,” says a health worker from Enga.

Tania Yamo, the district health extension officer of Kompiam Baptist Health Centre told Sunday Chronicle on Friday from Enga that the road network around the Kompiam Ambum district is very poor and is in dire need of maintenance.

“During the rain period now, our movements are very restricted as roads are becoming muddy and slippery to transport medicines to community health outposts and also to conduct clinics.

“It’s very sad when villagers have to carry critically ill patients on stretchers to the hospital because the situation of the patients or shortage of medicines,” she said.

Ms Yamo described the near fatal accident as very frightening experience for her and other medical staff who had travelled from the district to conduct clinics at Rum, Marambe and Yamanda area in Kompiam District.

“We were returning from the clinics in these areas and were coming up the hill when the hospital ambulance truck nearly turned over and went over the cliff.

“It was raining heavily and we could have slipped over the cliff if not for the timely braking of the vehicle by the driver and we are all thankful to our dear Lord for serving us,” she said.

Ms Yamo said that the roads have been built during the colonial times and no major maintenance have been done since.

“Travelling to outer centres to conduct clinics and attend to critically ill patients using vehicles is very risky for us because these roads to outer centres are in deteriorating conditions.

“We need urgent support and intervention from our local MP because the thousands of people in these outer centres need urgent help to recuse them from misery they have been living for so long,” Ms Yamo said.

Lumusa-Baiyer MP Koi Trappe said recently that he is building a major highway from his electorate to the Kompiam District because he has seen the need of the people from that electorate.

Mr Trappe said that he will soon build the Lai River Bridge to connect his Western Highlands side to the people from the Enga side so that they get much needed basic services like health and education.

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