Rampage probe

CS officers involved in Parliament rampage identified

Correctional Service officers have to be cautious about their actions in future because they swore an oath to safeguard and protect the people, properties and the country at all times, says acting CS Commissioner Stephen Pokanis.
Mr Pokanis in an interview with the Sunday Chronicle on Friday said that internal investigations are continuing in the department on the recent rampage at Parliament by armed security personnel from police and CS.
“We are still investigating those officers involved. Some of them have been identified and soon they will be disciplined as we see their actions as serious offences.
“I’m also appealing to the public especially parliament staff that have seen any CS officers breaking anything or assaulting anyone to report to us to make our work easier in identifying all those involved,” he said.
Mr Pokanis said the appeal to the public does not mean that CS is not doing its own investigation but it could make their work easier and they will fast track the offenders for administrative disciplinary actions.
“From reports I hear of the incident at the parliament, there were actually two groups of security officers at the scene, the first group did the damages while the second group went to stop them.
“Some of my CS officers later went and protected the Speaker of Parliament when the events were unfolding as reported to me,” he said.
However, Mr Pokanis said that the department will get to the bottom of this incident and he called for a “proper independent and objective investigation” as this is a serious offence.
The commissioner said that there were other options available to the officers to pursue their grievances yet they decided to take this action which is criminal.
Mr Pokanis said that the actions of the security officers have been very unprofessional and for them to go wild and break everything at the parliament is uncalled for.
“Such action of our security officers at parliament is ‘taboo’, it is criminal in nature to destroy an iconic, important and historical building.
“This is the very place where all our leaders from different places, tribes, cultures, traditions and linguistic groups come together to make policies and parliament unites us,” he said.


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