Living honestky pays, says Sir Bob


THE satisfaction that comes from striving to make an honest living exceeds that of having a guilty conscience for knowingly acquiring wealth through illegal and illicit means.

This was the Christmas message from the Governor General, Sir Bob Dadae during a media workers get together function at Government House on Tuesday.

Sir Bob said resorting to crime and dishonest means to acquire wealth and advance one’s status and wellbeing is a sure path to destruction and the benefits may not be long lasting.

“We may not see the benefits of our hard work now, however, we are assured that there is reward for those who persevere despite hardships through honest way of living,” he said.

“Yes, peace and security and prosperity can be ours if we individually and collectively put the effort to make these a reality.

“We are therefore wise to heed the wise counsel of our Lord Jesus Christ when he said, ‘Keep on, then, seeking first the Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these other things will be added to you – Mathew 6:33’.

“As we gather together to commemorate Christmas with our family and friends, may we also reflect on the good deeds of others those who devote their time and service to serve our people in rural communities such as doctors, nurses, health workers, teachers, volunteers, NGOs, churches, missionaries, youth and women groups and many more who strive in their own way to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

He said charity organisations and individuals who devote their time to helping the less fortunate and disadvantaged in our communities are a blessing indeed.

“To our military servicemen and women serving in country and abroad and at our borders, our policemen and women, Correctional Service, Ambulance and Fire Service officers, we are grateful to you all for your sacrifice and service to our nation.”

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