Celebrate Xmas in peace, says Governor

CENTRAL Province Governor Robert Agorobe has urged the people of his province to celebrate the festive season in the true spirit of Central culture.

Governor Agorobe said Central culture is of peaceful and joyful filled nature with happy celebrations within family units, communities and most importantly marked by the churches which means attending the Christmas and celebrations thereafter.

He said during this time, a kind heart of sharing, loving and respect builds up family values and enhances friendships and bonds in the communities and villages.

He said there may be many organized social activities like sports which are to be encouraged and supported but these must be conducted in the true meaning and the spirit of Christmas abiding within the laws of this country.

“My people we also at the eve of welcoming the New Year 2018, and with that we must not look back at the struggles of 2017,” Mr Agarobe said.

“We must be refined and progress with our successes to face the New Year and standing firms to achieve our aims and goals that we set out to achieve.

“When I campaigned during the 2017 National General Elections my theme was “for Smarter Central” and that will be constant.

“We are going to build a smart Central Province that will be the model province as far as change and development is concerned.”

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