Police out in force

Picture caption: Police officers in a parade to launch the Christmas and New Year operations at the Jack Pidik Park last Tuesday.

Christmas and New Year operations start


POLICE in the National Capital District are out in force to maintain law and order and protect property during the festive season that begins with the Christmas celebrations tomorrow (Monday Dec 25).

This follows the launch of the special Christmas and New Year operations at the Jack Pidik Park last Tuesday.

NCD and Central police divisional commander Donald Yamasombi said police will be patrolling the city on foot and in vehicles.

He urged citizens of the city to be wary of their safety and security. He urged the city residents to abstain from alcohol-related violence and drink driving.

“Let’s all collaborate together and enjoy the festive season in the true spirit,” he said.

He urged police officers to reunite, reconcile and reflect on their achievements and failures to reset their directions as the Christmas operations begin.

“Christmas is a time for reunion, reconciliation and reflection on the failures and achievements and re-set direction for the better,” Mr Yamasombi said.

“This year was a challenging year for the NCD and the Central divisional command due to the general elections, formation of the new government and a reshuffle of senior police officers.

“I pay tribute to our commissioned officers, senior NCOs and policemen and women for maintaining the rule of law by their presence and executing their duties in ensuring that our citizens and stakeholders live in a conducive environment every time regardless of circumstantial changes.

“There were times when police ill-discipline hit the headlines in the media because of a few persons’ conduct and that is something we will not deny.”

He said Christmas is a better time to put all the differences aside and reset their directions for a better future.

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