Minister invites YWAM Ship

MINISTER for Religion, Youth and Community Development and Kikori MP Soroi Eoe will soon enter into an agreement with the YWAM Medical Ships to provide medical services to his Kikori District.

Mr Eoe made this undertaking following a tour of the YWAM Medical Ship in Port Moresby last week.

He said Gulf was the first province to invite YWAM Ship under leadership of former Governor Haivila Kavo.

He said since the involvement YWAM Medical Ship, many delta communities who could only access basic and urgent health care in Port Moresby or Kerema, were treated on the medical ship.

Mr Eoe said: “I acknowledge the tremendous work YWAM is doing in Papua New Guinea and also in my very own Kikori Open electorate (Gulf Province was the first in the country to have YWAM services).

“Kikori district is a very challenging district that made of a mix geography of steep mountains, fast flowing rivers, with hundreds of tributaries along long meandering rivers on delta flood plains.

“As government we have our limitation and partners and faith groups such as YWAM Medical Ship play a very crucial role in assisting governments.

“I totally support the work of YWAM because it looks at a core sector in my ministry which is youth.

“In my tenure as Minister I want to see that changes take place right at the village level.

“I want to see that policies are not just paper documents but are living documents that are effective, realistic and produce results.

“I am not afraid to trial many new initiatives in my district.

“YWAM Medical Ship works along with Youths by giving a holistic Christian training to serve communities that need medical assistance.”

The YWAM Medical Ship is an inter-denomination faith based group that trains hundreds of youths yearly with special skills and training to serve rural communities provide medical services and training.

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